Blocked Iranian money is released in Iraq

The secretary general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce says that despite the difficult conditions imposed by the Iraqi government on companies, Iranian currencies have been able to move in Iraq.

Government agencies love their lands !?

According to the plan to jump in production and supply of housing, the land at the disposal of the executive apparatus that has been left unused should be allocated to housing projects; In this way, according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the agencies must provide the land to this ministry for a certain period of time, otherwise the property registration organization must provide it to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development within two months with the aim of building housing.

Warning against fraudulent Thai companies from Iranian businessmen

Following the increase in scams against Iranian businessmen and companies by Thai companies, some officials, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, advised economic activists to pay special attention to arranging commercial contracts and to accredit Thai companies through the economic section of the Iranian Embassy in Bangkok.

56% growth in mineral insurance issuance last year

Managing Director of Mining Activities Investment Insurance Fund: Last year, compared to 1398, the issuance of guarantees and mineral insurance policies by this fund increased 1.56 times and recorded a growth of 56.6%.

15 stagnant mines in Bushehr province were revived

Head of Mines Department of Bushehr Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: 15 stagnant mines in this province were rehabilitated and exploited last year.

Stability in international relations should be the top priority of the 13th government

Professor of Economics, Mazandaran University: The main priority of the government in the last months of activity and the most important goal that the future government should pursue is "lifting sanctions" and stability in international relations.

We need global marketing and branding

The member of the board of directors of Fars Chamber of Commerce, emphasizing that in some parts of production we need marketing and branding in global markets, pointed out that this issue has high costs.

Mineral exploration in the Bahram Gour region is job-creating

The representative of the people of Neyriz, Estahban and Bakhtegan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that the ownership of the mine is national, pointed to some measures for mineral exploration in the Bahram Gour Neyriz region and stressed the need to observe environmental teachings: Mineral exploration in this region It creates jobs by respecting the right to the environment.

Iran and Iraq sign 5-year cooperation document

Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare: Iran seeks bilateral cooperation with the establishment of joint ventures in the form of a five-year long-term document with Iraq.

The ruling of the Court of Administrative Justice to condemn the government in export duties

Approximately one-fifth of about 10,000 mines licensed in Iran are in the field of decorative and construction stone, and currently only 800 of the 2,100 decorative stone mines in the country are active.

Reforming the criteria for establishing industrial and mining units for the benefit of investors

Emphasizing the importance of improving the business environment in the production boom, the Deputy Minister of Industry announced the amendment of Article 3 of the rules and regulations for the establishment of production, industrial and mining units regarding the Environment Organization in favor of investors.

Details of the new approvals of the Government Economic Headquarters regarding foreign trade

The new approvals of the Economic Headquarters regarding foreign trade were announced by the Vice President for Economic Affairs.

Plan to remove barriers to production

The Deputy Chairman of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that production barriers are different in each industry and sector, stressed the need to count these barriers and plan to remove them.

Payment of 11 thousand billion tomans of government debts of minerals

The Chairman of the Executive Board of Imidro announced the payment of 11 thousand billion Tomans of government debts during the last year.

Why not inject $ 2,000 billion into the country's "production system"?

Over the past 58 years, $ 2,000 billion in foreign exchange reserves (oil and non-oil exports) have been obtained, of which 85%, or $ 1,700 billion, over the past 30 years and $ 1,200 billion in the last 11 years alone, at the height of sanctions.

Chinese $ 80 billion investment forecast in the country's mines

Chairman of the Mines and Mining Industries Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: The Chinese are interested in investing about $ 400 billion in various areas of the country, of which about $ 80 billion is in the field of mines and mineral industries.

We do not look at trade in black and white

Head of Trade Development Organization: We must design our program for each country with which we can develop economic and trade relations based on the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. So to say a cooperation document; It has taken us to the point where we no longer pay attention to economic relations with other countries, it is not the right view.

Proposing the establishment of a special headquarters to disrupt production

An expert in the field of labor believes that just as a special headquarters has been set up in the country to deal with Corona, a special working group or headquarters consisting of all forces and devices should be set up to prevent production, and in the form of an expert and research team Address the problems of the production sectors and remove the obstacles facing the producers.

743 industrial establishment licenses were issued in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

The head of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, referring to the issuance of 36,033 industrial establishment licenses in the country in the recent year, said: During this period, 743 industrial establishment licenses have been issued for investment in the province's industry.

What is Iran's rank in economic freedom?

In its latest report, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce examines the situation of economic freedom among different countries, which shows Iran's unfavorable ranking in this field.

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