The United States is ready to lift sanctions on Iran

EU Economic Advisor: Most of Iran's deposits are in Russia, which came to Tehran during the time of Mr. Bahmani, Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank, and Iran transferred more than $ 31 billion of its deposits to Russia and received rubles in return, a strange move This alone reduced the value of deposits by 40%.

Possibility of technology development and deep mineral exploration with the cooperation of the Chinese

Head of Iran Mining House: Cooperation with the Chinese can be a great opportunity to develop the use of new technologies, increase the depth of mineral exploration and equip mines and units with the required machinery.

The need for the government and parliament to work to eliminate redundant production laws and regulations

Deputy Head of Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production: One of the important measures to remove obstacles in this area is to identify and eliminate annoying regulations, for which we need the cooperation of all agencies and institutions.

Five thousand mines in the country are inactive

Head of Mining Engineering Organization of Iran: There are about five thousand inactive mines in the country, which despite the fact that exploitation licenses have been issued, but mining activities are not carried out in them because some of the licenses are in the hands of people who are either incompetent or incapable. They have other problems for whatever reason.

Appropriate measures of the Ministry of Industry in order to prevent the production sector

While appreciating the actions of the Ministry of Industry in order to fulfill the slogan of the year, the member of the Presidium of the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized the development of an updated commercial procedure and announced the readiness of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to support and remove obstacles in the production sector.

120 mines in West Azerbaijan are stagnant due to lack of infrastructure

Head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of West Azerbaijan: 120 mines in this province are stagnant and inactive due to lack of necessary infrastructure.

Export of Iranian goods to 143 countries

Despite the intensification of the oppressive sanctions of the domination system and the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, last year our country exported to more than 143 countries and imported 123 countries.

Rehabilitation and activation of 253 small and medium mines last year

Chairman of the Board of Imidro: Last year, 253 small and medium-sized mines in the country were rehabilitated and activated, the performance of this sector exceeded 26% of the projected targets.

Exploration of new mineral areas; Promising development of Kurdistan

The governor of Kurdistan described the exploration of new mineral zones, especially iron ore mines in Kurdistan, as promising for the province's development.

Establishment of two new industrial towns in Qorveh

The representative of the people of Qorveh and Dehgolan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly announced the implementation of two important projects for the industrial development of Qorveh city.

25% of Iran's total exports to the Eurasian Union

Iran's trade with the Eurasian Union last year compared to 1398 was accompanied by a decrease of about 11 percent, of which about 2 percentage points due to a drop in exports (4 percent) and 9 percentage points due to a drop in imports (16.5 percent) .

Identify more than 1,200 promising mineral areas

The Acting Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Industry announced the identification of more than 1,200 promising mining areas and stated: 753 of these areas will be handed over to their owners.

The new check law will reduce credit risk

Economic expert: The new Czech law is the best innovation that has been done in recent years in the field of economic policy of the country because this law can reduce credit risk in society.

5 billion aid to a mining complex in Yazd for the release of prisoners

The head of Ardakan prison, referring to the help of five billion rials of Chadormelo Mining and Industrial Company, announced the release of five prisoners from the city's penitentiary.

Seven mining cases were assigned in Khorasan Razavi

Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs of Khorasan Razavi Governorate: Seven cases related to the mines of this province were reviewed and assigned in the Dispute Resolution Board, the subject of Article 24 of the Frequent Mines Law

Laws and regulations prohibiting production are being lifted by parliament and the government

Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade: After naming this year as "Production, Support and Obstruction" by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, several meetings were held with representatives and the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Council of Ministers. And production restraint laws are removed.

Iran and Turkey target $ 30 billion in trade

Head of the Office of the President: In the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Turkey, we reaffirmed the goal of $ 30 billion in annual trade between the two countries.

Cooperation between Iran and China, an opportunity for the mining sector of Semnan province to flourish

Economic activists in Semnan province believe that the cooperation between Iran and China is a gateway to promote cooperation and development of the country.

The mission of the future government is to remove barriers to production, not to interfere in the market

According to the head of the Shiraz Chamber, the reform of the country's banking system has been emphasized for many years; But so far no effective action has been taken and the future government must do something fundamental in this regard.

Mining equipment is imported in free currency

The existence of a suitable field for importing mining equipment is one of the factors that is very effective in the growth and development of the mining sector and mining industries, but the high exchange rate for imports is one of the obstacles that prevent miners from importing and equipping mines with modern machinery. The world is holding back; Therefore, it seems that appropriate planning and arrangements should be made by the relevant government officials and institutions to support mining activists.

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