Miner's liability for land

Deputy Director of the Office of Conservation and Protection of Natural Resources: Economic development does not mean that the miner treats the land as he wishes. He should bear in mind that he is also responsible for harvesting any minerals that protect the earth, and after mining, he must restore that area to its original state and take steps to rebuild that area.

The implementation of the new Czech law is an effective solution to the reduction of court cases

If the judiciary is looking to reduce incoming cases as well as reduce long queues in the courts, there should be a check on the enforcement of the new law.

One hundred and seventy mineral processing units in West Azerbaijan

Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals of West Azerbaijan Organization of Mines, Trade and Commerce: One hundred and seventeen mineral, sand and sand processing units are active in the province to prevent the sale of minerals.

Swap of government land with city-dwelling apartments

The swap of government land with private-sector semi-residential housing projects within cities is aimed at diverting property and rent-seeking applicants into a new Ministry of Road and Urban Development program.

Loss of mines with long-term presence of corona

Mining Expert: In addition, if the coronavirus and its prevalence in the country are prolonged, its effects will reach the mineral market.

One hundred fifty-seven percent growth in foreign exhibitions

Managing Director of Iran International Exhibitions Corporation, referring to the implementation of the law of International Exhibition Joint Stock Company, stating that exhibiting at home and abroad is one of the most important duties of a joint stock company; So, this year the average area dedicated to exhibition spaces increased by about 16 percent compared to last year.

One and two billion dollar mining sector plans ready to open

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: There are now three and a half billion dollars in plans to launch on the country's top officials, with one and a half billion dollars in mining and mining projects ready to open or in operation.

More than ninety-five percent of the mines were restored

Statistics released by the Iran Mines and Minerals Renovation and Development Organization (Imidro) indicate that over ninety-five percent of the small scale mines recovery plan was implemented in the eleven months of this year.

Registration for Housing Action Plan starts March 17th

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development: Registration for the second phase of the National Housing Action Plan begins on March 17 in five provinces.

Mineral capacities of Hashtrood County

Hashtrood County Governor, referring to the city's agricultural, mining and tourism capacities, said: "Over the next five years, Hashtrood will be in the process of development."

One hundred and forty-three small-scale mines were restored

According to the executive director and secretary of the Coordination Council for the Restoration, Activation and Development of Small Scale Mines, by the end of February this year, one hundred and forty-three small scale mines have been restored.

Connecting Entrepreneurs to Global Markets

A code of conduct called Entrepreneurship Support has been sent to the government. Its editors have tried to promote entrepreneurship by considering incentives.

The application for the National Housing Plan has no deadline

The Director General of the Office of Housing Economics, announcing that the applicants' objection to the National Housing Plan does not have a time limit, said: "Applicants will be re-appointed to complete the application."

Import of four million truck tires in government currency

The head of the Tire Manufacturers Association, complaining that the central bank has not allocated foreign currency to the tire factories for nearly three months, said only $ 50 million would be enough for all tire manufacturers to renovate production lines.

All Iranian borders are open to Iraq

Head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber: All Iran's export borders to Iraq are open and there is no interruption in the process of exporting goods to Iraq.

Mineral kitchens are not closed

The head of the Iranian Mines House pointed out that most of the work areas of the mining sector are located in the mountainous areas, emphasizing: Safe access to the mines should prevent the spread and spread of the virus, while creating a healthy atmosphere for the restaurants and the nutritional affairs of these mines. Is.

Mine Roadmap, Priority for Government Agencies

Head of Geological Survey: The Geological Survey is obliged to monitor the country in terms of information and to try to identify areas of higher priority for exploration.

Development of private sector activity in exploration

Managing Director of Mines and Metals Investment Company: There are several companies working in the field of drilling, but our team intends to strengthen this sector and move towards accelerating exploration in the country by concentrating and integrating them.

Minor increase in land acquisition rates in industrial estates

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce and Managing Director of the Small Industries and Industrial Estates Organization of Iran: Despite the increasing costs of the organization in providing infrastructure, the increase in the rate of land acquisition rights has been attributed to investors in small industrial towns.

Possibility of opening the financial channel of Iran and the European Union

Today there is news that the financial channel called Intex will be launched between Iran and the European Union.

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