The first to third international rock art competition

The first to third international rock art competition
  • 2016-08-30
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Participated in the international cultural competition of art photography, calligraphy, short story and cartoon theme with artists from different cities of Iran and countries around the world. Hura Kohsal, Armin Toush and Mohammad Ali Adili are the top contenders.

According to the International Stone Exhibition of Iran, the first to third prizes will be awarded at the International Stone Art Competition for Photography, Calligraphy, Short Stories and Cartoons on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the 9th International Iranian Stone Exhibition. The first to third prize winners will meet at the International Stone Exhibition Hall in Mahalat, Nimar, Iran on Saturday at 16pm.

First place: Hura Old from Mashhad with 1153 votes

Nefrdom: Armin Toush of Golestan Province (Aq Qala) with 988 votes
Third place: Mohammad Ali Adili of Mazandaran Province (Babol) with 704 votes