Mining machinery will be cleared soon

Acting Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries: It is better not to address this issue because it may cause problems, but in the case of domestic investment, I think that there is no problem with money in the country, but it is difficult to build trust. If this money is directed and if people trust investment, liquidity can be directed in the country to help both industry growth and reduce inflation.

The impact of engineering on mining development

The importance of mining engineering in mines is not hidden from anyone; From the discovery of the country's mineral potential to scientific exploitation with minimal side effects. According to some experts in this field, one of the reasons for the lack of exploration in the country is the almost inappropriate employment of the country's mining engineers, who have had a weak position in the mining sector over the years.

Business emergency is a place to solve the problems of production units

The Minister of Labor announced the opening of a business agency and said: "Production units should have a place to receive assistance so that their problems can be solved by going there."

Mine management should be left to the provinces

Deputy Chairman of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: The management of the country's mines should be handed over to the provinces so that the effects of economic improvement in all regions of the country become more tangible.

Blocked mineral zones will be auctioned off

Head of Mines and Mining Industries Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade: All blocked mining areas in the provinces will be handed over by public auction.

Identification of industrial and mineral capacities in the country

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, emphasizing the need to identify economic capacities in the country, said that the development of industry and the growth of production depend on cooperation and interaction between different parts of the system.

187 industrial units are active in Khoy

Head of Khoy Industry, Mining and Trade Department: 187 production and industrial units are active in this city and 46,861 people are employed in them.

Germjuite is a precious but rare stone

The value of mineral stones often makes the stones very important among people and in some cases, in addition to decorative uses, they also have therapeutic uses. Because the popularity of stones is very high among the people, jewelry and goldsmiths also use this popularity and use stones in abundance in their structures.

The field has become narrower for private sector activists

Chairman of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce: Corruption resulting from wrong economic policies, numerous directives, exchange rate policies, disruption of competition, transfer of expertise and, worse, political reclaiming that contributed to the corruption cycle in the country. The result is a boom in abusers who tarnish the image of entrepreneurs.

The revolutionary parliament should change the laws

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade considered the facilitation of processes and the streamlining of the export and import route as one of the priorities of this ministry.

The artisans stood up to the industry

First Vice President: The artisans stood up to the problems and did not allow our country's industry to stagnate.

207 mines are active in Ardabil

Deputy Mining of Ardabil Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: 207 mines in Ardabil province are currently active.

Inactive mines are put up for auction

The inactive mines auction will be held in the second half of April next year.

Vacancy of stone industry activists in Amin Al-Zarb logo

The fifth Amin al-Zarb ceremony was held by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, and the winners received their commendation. In this ceremony, none of the activists in the stone industry were honored and the Amin al-Zarb badge was not awarded to any of the activists in the Iranian stone industry.

Exporters to Syria are encouraged

Secretary of Iran's Economic Relations with Syria: Due to the serious importance of increasing the country's exports to Syria, efforts have been made to provide new facilities, both in the field of transportation and export incentives.

An Iranian trade center was set up in Syria

The head of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber, referring to the establishment of an Iranian trade center in Syria, said: "We are going to consider a flight quota for economic activists to travel to Syria."

The stone of the Lorestan University Stone Research Institute was stoned

The establishment of a stone research institute at Lorestan University was one of the approvals of the tenth government president's visit to the province. Despite Lorestan's unique capacity in the field of mines and stones, this resolution made the activists in this field happy, but unfortunately it has remained at the same level.

Exports to Syria should reach $ 400 million

Director General of the Arab Bureau of the Trade Development Organization: A three-year plan for the development of exports to Syria has been designed in the Trade Development Organization and we should have $ 400 million in exports to this country by 1402

Burning opportunities in Eurasian target markets

The government's reluctance to take infrastructure measures and export protection requirements has burned opportunities in Eurasian target markets, especially Russia.

Sanctions have prevented the formation of the Iran-Japan Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Iran-Japan Joint Committee: The discussion of sanctions has unfortunately blocked Iranian money in Japan, which we can not even do to provide the machinery and equipment needed for production.

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