The new Czech law makes the business environment healthy and transparent

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperation, referring to the noticeable reduction of returned checks, said: The new law on checks makes the business environment healthy and transparent.

The number of exploitation licenses in Sabzevar mines has doubled

Head of Sabzevar Industry, Mining and Trade Department: The number of mining licenses in this city has doubled in the eight years of the government of prudence and hope compared to the previous years.

Instructions for issuing a certificate of production activity without a factory were announced

The Deputy Minister of Industry announced the issuance of instructions for issuing production activity certificates without factories.

Construction is booming this year

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development: With measures such as the National Action Plan, the Housing Production Leap Plan, as well as the appropriate facilities set by the parliament, we will have a prosperous year in the field of construction.

The backwardness of foreign trade is the result of the government's distrust of non-oil trade

The former head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, referring to the backwardness in the country's foreign trade, said: "This issue is the result of the disbelief and belief of our government officials in non-oil exports."

Few countries have inflation above 5%

Chairman of the Money and Capital Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce: If proper planning and management are not done, the Vienna talks will not help reduce inflation. Past experience has shown that our economic system has not been able to implement such proper management.

Old-fashioned attitudes cut women off from the mines

The presence of successful women in the mines suggests that even if mining is a male activity, women can still be considered leaders and key figures in these occupations; Therefore, experts and activists in the mining sector, especially women working in this field, believe that changing society's attitude towards women's employment in all economic issues is necessary today, because progress and development can only be achieved with the cooperation and interaction of experts.

The entry of banks into the field of corporate and corporate governance hinders production

Deputy Chairman of the Program, Budget and Accounts Committee of the Parliament: The non-entry of banks into the fields of enterprise and corporate governance will definitely help the country's production and will lead to economic growth and prosperity.

Imidro began detailed explorations at the Albagh Esfarayen mine

Governor of Esfarayen: The Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro) on Wednesday began the detailed exploration study in the Alablagh mine of this city of North Khorasan in order to fulfill its step-by-step commitments.

Announcement of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in line with the orders of the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader (may God bless him and grant him peace) on 12 May this year, in a decisive and valuable statement, stated, "They have been invalidated and forbidden, and this is a betrayal of the people and the workers, and the independence and the economy of the country, and a blow to national production."

Zero government assistance to improve mining safety despite a 20-fold increase in government salaries

Secretary of the Coal Association: Unfortunately, the government has not taken any measures to equip the coal mines and establish relief and rescue bases. Instead of helping, the government has increased the government salaries of the coal mines by 20 times.

15 mines will be activated in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: 15 mines in the province will be rehabilitated this year. These mines include decorative stone, carcass stone and dolomite, which will be handed over to qualified investors through auctions.

The declining trend of the exchange rate and the strengthening of the value of the national currency are important demands of the people

Governor of the Central Bank: The declining exchange rate and strengthening the value of the national currency is an important demand of the people, the possibility of lifting sanctions and freeing the resources of the central bank, create positive expectations in the foreign exchange market and reduce the exchange rate in this market is reasonable.

Announcing the readiness of Swedish companies to be present in Iran

Chairman of the Iran-Sweden Joint Chamber of Commerce: The Swedes have a very good view of our market and are still following the Vienna talks and hope that these sanctions will be lifted as soon as possible so that they can enter our market. Most Swedish companies in Iran have fully and strongly expressed their desire to enter the country if sanctions are lifted.

The need to direct the country's capital to the production sector

The Deputy Chairman of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the need to create a balanced development of production in the country, emphasized on the optimal management of liquidity in the country and directing capital to the production sector.

Deposit of 650 billion tomans from the arrears of government rights of mines to the government account

Following the follow-up of the Court of Accounts, 650 billion Tomans of arrears of government rights of mines were transferred to the government account and two thousand billion Tomans will be transferred by the end of June.

The role of forest organization in the continuation of mining activities

The large sums that miners pay annually as government salaries are not used for the right purposes. For this reason, it can be seen that with the closure of the mines, numerous damages have been caused to the environment, and this issue always provokes many protests.

The United States is ready to lift sanctions on Iran

EU Economic Advisor: Most of Iran's deposits are in Russia, which came to Tehran during the time of Mr. Bahmani, Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank, and Iran transferred more than $ 31 billion of its deposits to Russia and received rubles in return, a strange move This alone reduced the value of deposits by 40%.

Export of Iranian goods to 143 countries

Despite the intensification of the oppressive sanctions of the domination system and the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, last year our country exported to more than 143 countries and imported 123 countries.

Appropriate measures of the Ministry of Industry in order to prevent the production sector

While appreciating the actions of the Ministry of Industry in order to fulfill the slogan of the year, the member of the Presidium of the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized the development of an updated commercial procedure and announced the readiness of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to support and remove obstacles in the production sector.

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