The visit of the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade and officials to the 13th Iran International Stone Exhibition, Mahalat

The presence of the ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Indonesia, South Africa, Bangladesh and the first secretary of the Tajik embassy at the opening of the 13th exhibition

This exhibition is one of the largest and most important fairs of Iranian stone industry that is held every year. Each year there are more than 500 mining companies, stone processing companies, manufacturing companies and importers of processing machinery. The exhibition space is dedicated exclusively to the stone industry and exhibitors have the opportunity to maintain and maintain their booths for several years, which is why booths built at the fair often feature modern, sophisticated designs. are.

High-ranking officials from the Ministry of Mining and Trade

Due to the importance of holding this exhibition, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade attend this exhibition every year. Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, attended the 9th International Iranian Stone Exhibition in 2016 and spoke at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Every year, the officials of the International Iranian Stone Exhibition invite the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and other officials of the Ministry to attend this exhibition. In addition to the Minister of Mining Industry and Trade, the head of the Mining Industry and Trade Organization of Markazi Province and his deputies will attend the ceremony and will host all the guests.

Attendance by national authorities and associations at the Iranian Stone Exhibition

Every year, with the Iranian Stone Exhibition, government officials attend the exhibition. Governor of Markazi Province and his deputies, Representative of Neighborhood and Delijan in Majlis, Governor of Mahalat and Delijan, Mayor of Mahalat and Delijan and Nimvar, Members of Mahalat and Delijan City Council, Iranian Stone Association, Iranian Mining House , Economic advisers, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Iranian Stone Association, members of the Economic and Industrial Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and Friday Imams of Mahalat, Delijan and Nimar are some of the officials present at the exhibition every year.

Opening and Closing Ceremony of Iran Stone Exhibition

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Iranian Stone Exhibition are held annually with the participation of senior national officials and senior officials of Iranian stone industry associations and centers. At the opening and closing ceremony of this exhibition, the Governor of Mahalat, the representative of the people of Mahalat and Delijan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the head of the Iranian Stone Association, the head of the Iranian Mining House, the head of the Central Province Mining and Trade Organization, the Friday Imam of Mahalat County, the Friday Imam of Nimvar City. Central Governor, Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce and some other officials will deliver speeches. The opening and closing ceremonies are one of the highlights of the exhibition.

Hundreds of reporters attend the opening and closing ceremony of the Iranian Stone Exhibition

The Iranian Stone Exhibition has always had a special interest in doing media activities for this exhibition. To this end, it annually invites at least 100 professional and capable reporters to attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the exhibition and to cover the news.

Holding country stone table

With great efforts made by the head of the Central Organization of Mines, Trade and Commerce of the province, Mr. Mohammad Reza Hajipour, the "Country Stone Table" was handed over to the Central Province. To this end, the country's first stone table was held at the 11th International Iranian Stone Exhibition in 1977 with the presence of economic advisers from various countries. The "country table" will be held at the upcoming International Stone Exhibitions of Iran under the management of the head of the Central Province's Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, with the presence of economists from various countries and high-ranking officials and the country's stone export associations and centers. Was.

Attendance at the prestigious World Exhibition and Meetings

Officials of exhibitions in India, Turkey, China and Italy will attend the International Exhibition of Iranian Stone every year. The executive directors of the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, by attending international and prestigious international exhibitions, have held the necessary consultations with the officials of these exhibitions and have promised them to participate in various periods of the International Iranian Stone Exhibition. With the presence of the officials of the world's prestigious exhibitions in this exhibition and holding meetings, the necessary bases for the growth and development of exports will be provided more than before.

Holding specialized and educational seminars

Holding specialized and educational seminars with the presence of prominent professors is another program of the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, which is held every year. In the four days of the exhibition, one day is dedicated to the stone table, two days to the opening and closing ceremonies, and one day to specialized and educational seminars. In these seminars, prominent professors from Iran and foreign countries will give lectures on the stone industry.

Visit the factories and mines of Mahalat and Nimar

With the planning done, companies and visitors to the Iran Stone Exhibition have the opportunity to visit the mines and quarrying factories in Mahallat and Nawar. Foreign businessmen are provided with special services to enable them to perform well.

International artistic cultural competition on stone industry

The International Stone Exhibition of Iran, in collaboration with the Iranian Stone News Agency, held three years of "International Short Story, Photo, Cartoon and Calligraphy Competition with Stone Industry" for three years, which was highly welcomed by Iranian artists and Other countries were held in the best possible way. This year, many artists from Iran and other countries took part in the competition, but due to technical problems caused by Iran Stone News Agency, the competition will not be held in year 6.

Iran Stone Exhibition attention to sculpture art

At the 12th International Iranian Stone Exhibition, the board of directors invited Ms. Farzaneh Asadi to design and perform a statue. Attention to the art of sculpture will continue strongly in later exhibitions.

Appreciation and thanks to the companies present at the exhibition

Every year, on the last day of the exhibition, the board of directors of the International Stone Exhibition of Iran apologize to the exhibitors present at the Iranian Stone Exhibition with gifts of appreciation and thanks for the shortcomings and toil. During the ceremony, all the criticisms and objections expressed by the exhibitors will be carefully recorded in order to remedy these defects in later periods.