Do not delay production

Do not delay production
  • 2019-02-19
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Economic activists and members of houses of industry, mines and commerce across the country issued a statement on the occasion of the 16th National Festival of National Production - National Honor and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the Day of Resistance and Entrepreneurship.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, economic activists and members of industry, mining and trade houses across the country issued a statement on the occasion of the 16th Anniversary of the National Festival of National Honor and the 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on the Day of Resistance and Entrepreneurship. They did.

The statement reads:

Members of the houses of industry, mining and commerce with a firm belief in the importance and centrality of economic development and its unparalleled role in the inclusive and sustainable development of the country and productive and lasting engagement in international relations and the promotion of dignity, prosperity and dignity. Iran and Iranians, reaffirming their readiness and willingness to pursue this great but achievable goal, given the current situation and the capabilities and problems of the country's manufacturing sector, have repeatedly addressed this statement to the nation and to relevant authorities, albeit with duplicate content. And we are offering to economic activists.

The conditions and difficulties of outrageous sanctions have made the inevitable movement of resistance economies an inevitable necessity, requiring changes in attitudes and practices aimed at revitalizing the economy with a national production focus on each individual of Iranian society, especially those in charge of economic activity.

The chronic illness of the economy and its constant inflation, the fall of the rial, and the constant change in prices and unrelenting inflation this year have made planning and working and manufacturing a very difficult and risky task, and we expect the government to reform its behavior. Managerial, do all in their power to solve this great dilemma.

Making non-expert, inconsistent and conducive decisions without the involvement of private sector stakeholders highlights the lack of commitment and adherence of some officials to this important issue. We expect Mecca to be in compliance with the law and foresight and honesty, the current and prominent priority of all the country's leaders.
News of macroeconomic corruption, such as embezzlement, bribery, rent-seeking, trafficking and money laundering, indicates that the country's economy is suffering from a chronic and dangerous disease and its continued threat to national security. The serious fight against corruption will be made possible by the serious and genuine cooperation and efforts of the three forces. Creating transparency and accuracy in timely and accurate dissemination of information is one of the key steps in this direction.

Everyone is well aware of the effects of the prolonged and devastating economic pressures that have plagued many, and many businesses are in dire straits and pressures for debt repayment and need for liquidity.

The failure of the banking system to comply with the law to enforce penalties and debt arrears is not justified in any way. We expect Mokda's three powers to block and counteract these overtly complex and complex ways of calculating penalties and delinquency in banking facilities, which are also compound interest.

We consider it essential to provide the welfare, comfort, health and education of those employed in manufacturing companies, and to do our utmost to safeguard these valuable human resources in the light of the dignity and status of our employees.

If we believe that we are in the economic war and must act accordingly, we will no longer see government negligence, neglect, corruption and bureaucracy. Managing war situations requires attributes such as responsibility, creative thinking, decisiveness and intelligence in decision making, and speed and courage in action.

We believe that the integration of production and trade management tasks in the country with the formation of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce is a step forward in aggravating and shrinking the executive body of government, and this important achievement should not be captured by cross-sectional and emotional space. Of the problems of the day, it simply lost its redistribution to the two ministries and the development of administrative bureaucracy and back.

The shrinking and agility of the government is a major negligence in identifying and outsourcing government-owned enterprises to the private sector, with priority being given to specialized organizations. We urge this realization with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce and other ministries that affect the business environment.

Determining and reforming important laws such as: trade, value added tax, labor, banking and other laws related to manufacturing and trade with a resilient economic realization approach, enhancing national production and manufacturing of Iranian products and improving the business environment, continue to be strongly urged by activists. It is economical.

* Tasnim