Statement by a number of organizations on the day of industry and mining

Statement by a number of organizations on the day of industry and mining
  • 2019-07-01
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A number of organizations in a statement at the National Day of Industry and Mining issued a statement in support of the government.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, a number of organizations issued a statement at the National Day of Industry and Mining. The full text of the statement is as follows: In the name of our Lord Sane, we are gathering at the Summit Hall on the occasion of the 10th of July, the anniversary of the National Day of Industry and Mining, to celebrate this precious day. We extend our congratulations to all our hard working partners, honorable craftsmen and miners, both managers and employees of this economic field, as well as the caring and caring managers and stakeholders involved in the work and production.

Seize this day's valuable opportunity as a new opportunity to contemplate and review the past performance record and future plans related to the country's industry and mining, and we believe that in the face of cruel and outrageous sanctions imposed on the country, difficulties It has provided our dear compatriots as well as producers and economic activists with the need to think and work smarter and effortlessly to overcome the pressures and shortcomings.

Strengthening national ties between the people, the government and the institutions of government and economic activists are among the requirements for success in this area. Just as we stood in the time of sacred defense against cruel robbers, during the economic war, we will do what we can to serve our beloved nation and protect Iranian and Iranian dignity, and of course we have proven this claim over the past year and years. And with the grace of God in the coming days we will do so with pride.

What is important in this direction is that labor and production jihadists as soldiers and commanders of economic warfare must be given full and unequivocal support and not only must the internal barriers and barriers to production support. Not to disturb, but to persevere so that the business environment is more appropriate and favorable than ever before.

In the past twenty-two years, the demands of esteemed manufacturers have been stated in a statement issued by a group of active organizations in this sector during the past twenty-two years. The most important problems and demands of the private sector to find a solution are:

1- Adequate and timely supply and equitable distribution of liquidity required by the manufacturing sector

2- Unpredictable and unpredictable supply of raw materials and commodity markets for Iranian producers

3. Stabilize, enforce and enforce laws and regulations strictly by all elements of government, identify and abolish instructions and directives that are inconsistent with existing and inconsistent laws in various agencies, including the Tax Administration, the Social Security Agency, and the like.

4- Export and import policies require adjustment. Forming an organized currency market by adhering to its requirements for discovering the real exchange rate, stabilizing the national currency and managing the available foreign exchange resources.

5- Providing favorable business environment and strengthening the real private sector and supporting Iranian producers and Iranian manufactured goods with full implementation of the Forty-Fourth Policy Implementation Law, the Continuous Improvement of the Business Environment Act, the Production Barriers Removal Act, the Maximum Law Using the country's productive and service capabilities and supporting Iranian goods and the like by all government institutions.

6. Serious efforts by government agencies to strengthen social capital and restore national confidence with the help of civil society activists and a relentless and comprehensive fight against administrative and economic corruption.

Providing economic and social stability for the formulation of industrial development strategy and policy implementation with the cooperation of productive organizations, economic experts and relevant sectors and its approval by legal authorities.

8. The need to look ahead to the country's mining sector and implement the mining roadmap to enhance the share of mining and mining industries in GDP.

9. The need to improve the quality of life and livelihood of all workers as valuable human capital in the country's industrial and mining sectors.

10- The need to set up forward-thinking think-rooms with the presence of private sector actors and trustees to solve problems and manage potential crises and to design the mechanism of facilitated decision-making packages with the help of the private sector.

11. Avoid any grammatical interventions to determine the prices of industrial inputs and products, and to support the mechanism of the market system.

12. Improving the level of relations of the country with other countries by promoting economic and political diplomacy to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, technology and supply of raw materials and the sale of industrial and mineral products.

13. Improving the financing processes of the industrial and mining sectors, with emphasis on the proper use of the National Development Fund resources and the capital market capacities and reform of the banking system.

14- Strengthening the accountability system, revitalizing decentralization, clarifying the processes and decision-making systems, creating a single window on government and industry-related institutions to combat corruption.

15- Promotion of environmental standards for the development and development of clean and non-polluting industrial activities and establishment of industrial and mining units in non-polluting areas.

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