Isfahan owns ten percent of the country's stone market

Isfahan owns ten percent of the country's stone market
  • 2019-11-16
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Head of Isfahan Miners Association: Isfahan province holds 10 percent of the country's stone market, but there are many barriers to export in this area.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Jamshid Mola'i, referring to government barriers to stone industry activists, said: Isfahan province is a leader in the production of decorative stones and has a 5% share of the stone market, while still facing obstacles. Isfahan's stone exports have been hampered by the presence of two stone mines and more than 2,5 processing plants.

He added: Isfahan province is one of the largest ornamental stone producers in the country and its stones account for over half of the processed stones in the country's market.

Isfahan Province Miners Association President, pointing out the value of exported processed stone in Isfahan province, said: Isfahan province last year had $ 5 million in exported processed stone, which can be increased by facilitating export affairs. Exports of stone industries increased.

Lack of reputable international companies in the stone export industry

He highlighted the lack of reputable international companies in the field of mining and the stone industry in the field of export.

Lack of intellectual property protection and lack of export insurance

Referring to Iran's non-membership in WTO and preferential tariffs, he pointed out that the lack of protection of international intellectual property and brand is another problem in the field of ore export. However, in the face of outrageous sanctions, currency transfers to the country through the country's banking system and lack of export insurance are among the issues that activists face.

Mawlai emphasized the role of executive agencies in the protection of mines and the stone industry, saying that government support in establishing and expanding stone export terminals in the province and developing target markets and holding international fairs with international standards could contribute to development. This industry will be effective and will lead to increased employment in this area.