Miners fear the government's theft of the mine budget

Miners fear the government's theft of the mine budget
  • 2020-04-19
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Chairman of the Mining Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: Lack of cost of resources resulting from government rights and ownership of mines has worried miners due to the heavy shadow of a sharp increase in the budget deficit.

According to the International Exhibition of Iranian Stone, Bahram Shakoori said: "The years of resistance economy, protection of Iranian goods and prosperity of production have passed while the titles that are determined by the Supreme Leader at the beginning of each year, draw the priorities and one-year horizon of the country." Accordingly, this year, despite the spread of the Corona crisis and its undeniable impact on the world and Iran, the need to pay attention and repair the economy from the perspective of the Supreme Leader not only did not diminish, but also focused more attention than before; Because economic growth and development is the basis for the formation and survival of social relations and the physical and mental health of societies. set.

The head of the Mining Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture added: "According to this, the Supreme Leader, knowing about this issue, named this year as the year of production leap, despite the fluctuation of Corona virus in the country." The ultimate goal in the country is clear, and it is only necessary to overcome these challenges by mastering the challenges of each sector of the economy and understanding the current situation in the country in the shadow of the Corona virus.

What did Corona do with the mine?

He explained that in the mining sector, the coronavirus disrupted the production process by reducing working hours, staff shifts, and flexibility in giving paid and paid leave by employers, which reduced production, revenue, and imposed overhead costs for clear vision. Mining has become the lighthouse of production; therefore, the first and perhaps biggest challenge of the country's economy this year, the consequences of which affect all sectors of the economy, including the mining sector, is the discussion of this year's budget, because the budget of a country is somewhat one-year. It depicts the country's economy for economic activists and the people.

According to Shakouri, with the spread of the coronavirus, the government's medical, health and support costs will put a heavy burden on the government's budget, and on the other hand, by reducing activities and production, the government's tax revenues will be reduced. He also added severe restrictions on oil sales due to the tightening of US sanctions and falling oil prices, which do not appear to be reliable sources of funding for the transfer of capital assets to the budget.

Shakoori stressed that in this situation, the risk of increasing the government's budget deficit is more probable than ever: the danger that threatens the mining sector in this situation, in addition to reducing the government's construction costs, which is very much the infrastructure of its activities. Depending on it, the sources of government rights and the ownership interest of the mines should be 100% spent in the mining sector by law, but unfortunately these resources are allocated to the government's current expenditures every year, because in recent years the opposite is true. The law, on average, accounts for less than 50 percent of the mining sector's revenue Scratched by the Management and Planning Organization is dedicated.

Fifteen percent of gross domestic product is affected by corona

He said: "Meanwhile, according to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, 15 percent of the country's gross domestic product has been affected by the corona, including the mining sector, so that the government also supports damaged businesses." It has always promised to provide financial and psychological pressure on the government, given the limited resources of the government, the pressure of sanctions and the tightening of international support, the realization of these aids and the justice in its implementation, so the best is the most feasible. And the fairest government support that can be given to all businesses, including If the mine is implemented, the improvement of the business environment is macro and partial.

According to Shakouri, in the macro-field, which includes all economic actors, policies such as the elimination of export duties, exemptions and tax breaks, and insurance are the way forward, but in the meantime, special facilities must be considered separately for each sector of the economy. Be.

The member of the Board of Representatives of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture continued: "In the mining sector, we can pay attention to exemptions or discounts on government rights and property interest, so that not only companies and economic actors face problems due to reduced productivity." Corona virus, but also the production leap of the Supreme Leader, especially in the mining and mineral industries sector, which has always shown a steady pace in the country's social responsibilities in the country's crises, from floods, earthquakes to the Corona crisis. To the extent that, according to the Minister of Mining Industry and Trade, the mining units helped M. Lyardy have in the fight against Corona.

He added: "At the same time, it should not be overlooked that the jump in production in the mining sector does not only mean granting new licenses to create and develop mining units and mining industries without considering domestic needs and export approach, because one of the problems Last year, on the one hand, this sector generated surplus production based on domestic production licenses based on the production licenses of the Ministry of Silence, and on the other hand, imposed restrictions and export duties on minerals; therefore, developing capacities in excess of the country's needs is itself problematic. The concept of production mutation in the mining sector at the present time is not just a mutation in mineral production, but a cold guide. Hgzary and production activities of this sector in infrastructure development and Dressing industry value chain to develop and manufacture advanced products with higher added value and also participate in the exploration completed.

Shokoui believes that government interventionist policies in the market have been another challenge in recent years in the mining sector, which, in addition to reducing market efficiency, has led to the issuance of various directives, which have led to instability in the market, laws and regulations. It has diverted capital from this sector, so perhaps one of the best protections this year is to trust the market mechanism and oversight, not government intervention in the market, so that the market mechanism balances supply and demand. In practice, it eliminates the need to create export barriers.

He added that removing these barriers would be the biggest boost to production and more investment in this area.

The need to strengthen diplomacy and the activities of economic advisers

According to the head of the Mining Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture in the field of foreign trade in the mining and mineral industries, along with US sanctions, the spread of corona virus on the one hand has reduced global demand and on the other hand disrupted exports and imports. Land and air borders have reduced the prices of export products, disrupted trade with the country's first trading partner (China) and partners in neighboring countries, so this year more than ever there is a need to strengthen economic diplomacy and activate economic advisers to expand exports. And the branding of mining products and the mining industry is felt.

He added: "If today the activists in the field of mining and mineral industries feel that there is no applicant for their products in the country and abroad, not only will we not see a jump in production, but also a fear of a stagnation in production."

Shakoori said: "Facilitating and eliminating bureaucracy related to registering orders and importing second-hand mining machinery and equipment for up to ten years is another way to leap production in this sector. Also, mining machinery of mining contractors companies that actually do part of production." It must also be considered a production line machine and enjoy all the benefits of a production line machine. Relieving part of the operating costs of mines by granting a permit to import mining machinery for up to ten years without paying customs duties can relieve the miners of the burden of being able to make more strides in production.