Mining, the savior of the country's economy

Mining, the savior of the country's economy
  • 2020-05-31
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Thirty to two hundred and ten percent growth of six important economic indicators in Iran's mining and mineral industries sector last year indicates amazing records in this sector, which shows that the attention of officials to the mining sector, high capacity to solve many economic problems It has a country.

According to the International Stone Exhibition of Iran, the study of some functional indicators of Iran's Mining and Mining Industries Sector, taken from sources and statistics of the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro) last year, jumped and also recorded at least six records. The year is compared to the previous year.

Over the past year, mining and the mining industry, investment growth, employment, exploration, financing, mining rehabilitation, and more have risen from 30 percent to 200 percent in the mining and metals sector last year. Ten percent has been registered.

This performance growth appears to have been achieved through Imidro's core strategy of development and empowerment. Meanwhile, for the first time in the country's history, "Exploration" covers 650,000 square kilometers of the country's area, which is close to forty percent of Iran's area.

At the same time, the job creation index in the mining sector has risen from 3.6 million people to more than 1 million, reaching 4.7 million people, which shows that mining in Iran is an unknown sector with a very high capacity. To solve many economic problems of the country, including unemployment.

* Directing profits to investment, reviving inactive mines

Iran's Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization, meanwhile, has implemented a new method of financing by directing part of the dividends of large stock exchange companies, thus removing the focus from the banking system.

This type of financing method was introduced for the first time in the mining sector of Iran in the second half of 1397, and in this regard, in 1397, more than eight thousand and eight hundred billion tomans, and last year with a growth of fifty-five percent more than thirteen thousand and Seven hundred billion tomans were financed.

Meanwhile, investment in mining and the mining industry rose 60 percent last year to $ 3.2 billion.

Last year, for the first time, 1,400 small inactive mines were revived. On the other hand, the capital of the Mining Investment Insurance Fund increased from one hundred and forty billion to three hundred and fifty billion tomans, which shows a growth of one hundred and fifty percent.

* Tasnim