Economic development goes through entrepreneurs

Economic development goes through entrepreneurs
  • 2020-11-19
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The issue of entrepreneurship has been considered by many countries due to its importance in creating new job opportunities and economic growth and development, so that by investing in start-ups and innovative ideas, they have followed the path of development more rapidly.

According to the Iran International Stone Exhibition, World Entrepreneurship Week is the largest coordinated event to promote entrepreneurship in the world, which is held every year in the third week of November, which this year will be held in Iran from November 17 to December 2.

In this coordinated event, people are encouraged to try to start a new generation of entrepreneurs to start their own business and thinking business. This great global event can promote entrepreneurship and encourage business start-ups by the public. Be a community.

This event is a ceremony to honor the innovators and creators of job opportunities and entrepreneurs who have revived their ideas and taken a step towards starting a business in order to realize the economic growth of their country.

In today's world, many societies have moved forward and accelerated in order to equip their human resources with productive knowledge, wisdom and productive skills by creating the necessary bases, and to move towards growth, development and excellence by taking advantage of this capability.

Rahim Sarhangi, Director General of the Entrepreneurship Development Office of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, called strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country by raising entrepreneurial tendencies among the community, especially the youth, one of the most important goals of the World Entrepreneurship Week. All-stakeholder programs aim to strengthen collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers, and entrepreneurship support institutions to create and strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems that will create jobs, accelerate innovation, and grow economically.

He says: "This year, taking into account the existing conditions and the need to comply with health protocols, the necessary planning has been done and this week's celebration will be done in cyberspace and in absentia."

Unveiling of Entrepreneurship Development Document, Unveiling of Online Young Entrepreneurs Club, holding more than 60 national online programs and 300 different provincial programs online and related educational webinars such as digital entrepreneurship, providing free entrepreneurship consultations and holding entrepreneurship cafes are among the programs. It is predicted to be the World Entrepreneurship Week that the colonel mentions.

Today, many businesses and activities have taken on new forms and new ways of entrepreneurship are emerging; The experiences of successful and developed countries show that significant investments have been made in the field of entrepreneurship and innovative activities, and the flow of entrepreneurship in these countries is not limited to creating new job opportunities, but also new ideas and structures using creativity and innovation to produce. Therefore, considering the importance and effective role of entrepreneurship in development and given the many economic problems that we are currently facing, it is necessary to train educated entrepreneurs in the shadow of strengthening and promoting entrepreneurial culture and creating a platform to support the entrepreneurial flow. A more serious form should be on the agenda and innovative and innovative people as future entrepreneurs should be the source of great changes in the economic, social, production and service fields.

According to many experts, entrepreneurship development in Iran requires national determination, which should be considered by all public and private organizations, agencies and institutions.

Currently, entrepreneurs face problems and limitations to start a business, and not paying attention to solving these problems can be considered as anti-entrepreneurial factors in the country.

According to the report, redundant laws and administrative bureaucracies may be considered as one of the major challenges facing entrepreneurship development that can discourage entrepreneurs and deprive them of entrepreneurial motivation; Accordingly, reforming and revising some laws and regulations, financing for starting a business, accepting the risk of entrepreneurial activities, removing barriers and administrative bureaucracies, and improving the business environment for creative entrepreneurs and graduates to start entrepreneurship are essential. That should be considered.