Mine management should be left to the provinces

Mine management should be left to the provinces
  • 2021-03-03
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Deputy Chairman of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: The management of the country's mines should be handed over to the provinces so that the effects of economic improvement in all regions of the country become more tangible.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Reza Mirtaja al-Dini said that the restoration of mines in a favorable way is subject to the transfer of their management to the provinces themselves and said: "If this happens, there will undoubtedly be profound and immediate changes in the mining sector They are among them in different parts of the country.

He pointed out that the transfer of mines management is in line with the Sixth Development Plan and the government should pay serious attention to it, adding: In this ruling, which was also last year, about three thousand billion tomans of cash income was defined for mines, which miners and Miners are taken.

Mirtaj al-Dini continued: "The above amount is other than government and property rights and is obtained only" for the continuation of the mining ignition license. Our suggestion is that this amount be given to the provinces to benefit from the material and technological problems of those provinces. " To be.

According to him, 7% of the world's mines are in Iran and almost all provinces have mines, but more than 70% of them have not been explored or extracted yet.

The representative of the people of Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osko in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: If the amount of 3 thousand billion Tomans is given to the provinces, there will be more quantitative and qualitative growth in the field of mining and it should be noted that mining rehabilitation can be a very useful alternative for Oil and gas revenues.

Mirtaj al-Dini pointed out that the macro policies of the five-year plans are to reduce the dependence of the budget on oil revenues, noting that exploration and mining have a very positive economic impact and accelerate the process of job creation in the country.