Lifting sanctions is not to the detriment of domestic production

Lifting sanctions is not to the detriment of domestic production
  • 2021-05-15
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An expert in the field of work: In the discussion of importing from abroad, instead of being dependent on foreign products and only importing TVs and home appliances, we should import their technical knowledge and rely on this knowledge to strengthen domestic production.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Hamid Najaf stated: "There are trade and economic relations between the countries all over the world, and we must make the best use of these exchanges and go to the infrastructure and mother industries in this regard."

He continued: "Most countries have taken advantage of each other's knowledge and have gradually improved it. Today, most of the Chinese or Korean products are derived from Japanese products, which have taken over the markets by improving the quality of their products, so we too." Instead of depending on their products, we should import its knowledge and improve the quality of domestic production by relying on their knowledge and technology.

The expert added: "Countries like India did not produce computer parts from day one, but gradually based on the knowledge and experience they gained, strengthened domestic production and expanded their exports by identifying target markets."

Najaf, meanwhile, pointed to the impact of lifting sanctions on domestic production, saying: "Currently, there are concerns inside the country about lifting sanctions and damaging the manufacturing sector, and it is considered that with the lifting of sanctions, a flood of goods Foreigners will flow into the country, while in the global village all countries have relations and trade with each other, so we should not be afraid of lifting sanctions and worry that if the doors are opened and foreign products come to the country, domestic products will be destroyed.

He said: "There are planned relations in this regard all over the world, and countries, while supporting domestic production, develop their trade and economic relations with other countries;" What is wrong with importing the products of countries that are not similar to domestic production or the needs of the country, and on the other hand, we put the export of some of our manufactured goods on the agenda, but in the discussion of imports instead of depending on their products and only To be an importer of TVs and home appliances, we must import technical knowledge and strengthen domestic production based on it.