The benefits of handing over the mines will be for the next government

The benefits of handing over the mines will be for the next government
  • 2021-07-18
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Head of the President's Office: The benefits of mining will be for the next government, and all this will be done transparently and openly in this government, and there will be no secrecy.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Mahmoud Vaezi said about the power outage of heavy industries such as steel and cement and the necessary measures to prevent the increase in prices of products of these industries: "This situation is temporary and this work will be done in the coming weeks due to rising temperatures."

He added: "Last Wednesday, a good decision was made in the government and it was decided to allow some industries to operate from night to morning, including cement and steel."

"This is a temporary measure and we are taking the necessary measures to provide them with free electricity and to compensate for their products," said the head of the president's office, appreciating the industry's cooperation in preventing the blackout of residential houses.

The preacher also said in response to a question about the transfer of stagnant mines: "Some people held the mines unused and only their names were on those mines; For this reason, a policy was announced to operate these mines or hand them over to someone else.

He added: "The handover of the closed mines started last year and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade followed this work with courage and bravery."

The preacher pointed out: these mines that will be handed over and extracted, the benefits of its extraction will be for the next government. All this is done transparently and publicly in this government and there is no secrecy.