The statute of the Small Industries Organization is amended

The Ministry of Industry submitted a proposal to the government to amend the statutes of the Small Industries and Industrial Towns Organization of Iran for the review and approval process.

The private sector pays little attention to securing the mines of Mazandaran

The head of the Mazandaran Mining Engineering Organization criticized what he called the "lack of attention of private sector operators to the safety of mines in the province" and said that solving this problem requires special and principled measures and more efforts of officials.

The public auction of mines in Tehran province began

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Tehran Silence Organization: According to the notification of the Head of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, a public auction of 5,666 mines was started in the country, of which 45 mining areas belong to Tehran.

The budget of the infrastructure sector was increased with the aim of activating small mines

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and Chairman of Imidro Executive Board, considered infrastructure development as one of the most important factors in the revitalization and activation of small mines and announced an increase in the budget in this sector.

The main problem of foreign trade in the country is the conflict of interests

Economist: Conflict of interest is the main reason for this lack of planning. In other countries, they start planning at the beginning of the year and determine the amount of production and consumption. In the end, the amount of deficits is provided through imports, but this export pattern does not exist in our country.

Iranian banking officials emphasize the definitive lifting of banking sanctions and the receipt of guarantees during the negotiations

"Central Bank of Iran officials are directly involved in negotiations to lift banking sanctions to ensure that they are real and tangible," Bloomberg reported.

105 industrial and mining projects were put into operation in Sistan and Baluchestan last year

Head of Sistan and Baluchestan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: 105 industrial and mining projects with employment of 1,380 people were put into operation in this province last year.

Lack of liquidity is the most important reason for the recession of industrial units

By the end of last year, more than 959,000 people were working in the units that were put into operation in towns and industrial areas, about 50% of the total units are active in the metal and chemical industries and about 57% of 8521 inactive units due to shortage Their production liquidity has stopped.

Economic growth is unlikely without political agreement

Chairman of the Iran-Switzerland Joint Chamber: It is very unlikely that we will experience economic growth if political solutions do not help the economy. We were able to survive under maximum pressure, Iran's economy has shown that it is not fragile even under the most intense pressures.

Removing barriers to production created 1,500 jobs

Public Prosecutor and Revolution of Semnan Center: 1,500 job opportunities were created in the province last year with the support and coordination of different sectors and the removal of production barriers.

Allocate free land to build employee housing

According to the Housing Production and Supply Leap Plan, all offices, devices and factories can set up housing cooperatives for their employees and then start building with free land and suitable facilities.

All trade bill material should be re-examined

Member of the Parliament's Legal and Judicial Commission: The trade bill has many drawbacks and drawbacks, and in the 11th parliament, there is room for all the articles of the trade bill to be re-examined.

The need for Iran's economic interaction with the world

The country's mining sector has potential facilities and capacities that have not been exploited in recent years due to lack of adequate facilities and financial resources. The participation of Chinese investors in mining activities can lead to the prosperity of our country's mines and mining industries while providing the financial resources needed for this sector.

The Granite Resolution of the Khorasan Razavi Mines Council is an action to protect the environment

The decision of the Khorasan Razavi Mines Council to allow the use of Mashhad granite tailings for construction operations in the urban plans of this metropolis is a good expert action in order to protect the environment and prevent its destruction.

What was the inflation rate of the mining sector producer last year?

According to the latest statistics announced by the Statistics Center of the country, the average price received by mineral producers for selling their products in the country (inflation of the producer price of the mining sector) last year increased by 79.8% compared to the previous year.

Foreign policy must serve the economy

Member of the Chamber of Commerce: The closed economy no longer works anywhere in the world, all our big projects are now stagnant. We are currently suffering from severe shortages in the fields of oil, gas, port development, airports, aircraft purchases and many other issues.

17 main destinations for the export of Iranian goods

The head of the Trade Development Organization says that a meeting between exporters and economic activists and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade will soon review the country's top export priorities.

Stagnant mines in Qazvin province are being rehabilitated

Head of Qazvin Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: The Mines Council of this province in the year of "production, support and dismantling" is trying to revive stagnant mines and provide the ground for economic development and prosperity of the province.

Issuance of 321 mining exploration licenses in Khorasan Razavi during the past year

Head of Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Khorasan Razavi: Last year, 321 mining exploration licenses and also 105 discovery certificates were issued in the province.

The first action of the next government should be to reduce the exchange rate to 10 thousand tomans

The main cause of inflation in Iran is cost pressure, which is mainly caused by rising exchange rates, rising trading costs and, as a result, rising production costs. Therefore, the proposed solution is to target both inflation and exchange rates. To do this, we must target the real exchange rate, and of course inflation targeting does not have the same pattern anywhere.

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