Implementation of the new Czech law improves the business environment

Emphasizing that the new law facilitates financial transactions and improves the business environment, the member of the presidium of the parliament said: "This law supports and facilitates commercial and economic activities."

$ 80 billion in foreign investment capacity in the mining sector

Chairman of the Iran Chamber of Mines and Mining Industries Commission: While $ 50 billion has been invested in this sector since the beginning of mining activities in our country, the interest of foreigners, especially the Chinese, to invest $ 80 billion in this sector will be transformative.

Planning for the entry of foreign companies

Deputy Minister of Industry: If the situation changes, we must have a plan to attract foreign investment, and this issue is being planned. Since we have a good experience from the past, we can use it.

Facade screws and dowels and the necessity of facade stone strength

The presence of high-rise buildings increases the need to use facades with a high degree of security and reliability.

Which exporters are not subject to tax exemption?

President of the Export Confederation of Iran: Exporters who have not fulfilled their foreign exchange obligation in 1397 will not be subject to tax exemption.

The Iranians bought more than 8,700 housing units in Turkey

Tehran Chamber Chairman: According to the latest report we received, Iranians bought about 7,189 housing units in 2020 and 1,600 housing units in Turkey in the first quarter of 2021.

3 important obstacles to the jump in production in the country

An economic expert: Barriers to access to banking facilities, excessive imports and rising currency prices are among the most important obstacles to the jump in production in our country.

Receipt of 1,592 billion Rials of government salaries of mines in Markazi province

Head of Markazi Province Industry Organization: 1,592 billion rials of government salaries were received last year from the mining activities of this province, which is a growth of about 201% compared to the same period before.

Calculate nominal and actual extraction; The point of contention between the government and the miners

Former head of Kermanshah Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: The basis for calculating the Court of Accounts is the nominal extraction of government rights in the license, while many cases referred to the judiciary and the Council of Mines are the basis of real extraction government rights.

Empty house taxes do not cure pain; Build

One housing market expert says that the problem of the housing market is not the number of vacant houses, not even speculation; Business is a complication of housing shortages that governments have not had a plan for over the past decades; They still want to buy time with things like vacant house taxes so they can build at the right time.

Implementing the export development strategy will be key this year

Deputy Minister of Industry: In the process of formulating a national export strategy, activists in each area under study, including government and private sector activists, consulted with experts from the Trade Development Organization and the International Trade Center, and the suggestions in the text of these documents were due to sincere cooperation Is.

Increase in debt of miners; The product of unprofessional decisions of officials

Member of the Board of Directors of Iran Chamber of Industry: The main demands of the government from the mining sector are related to state-owned companies and a feature that has not been taken in the payment of property rights and government shares so far.

Receipt of state mining rights in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad reached a record

Deputy Minister of Industries and Mines of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Last year, 16 billion and 710 million Rials, government salaries were received from miners and holders of temporary mineral extraction licenses, which for the first time in the province's mining history exceeded 10 billion.

Intensification of the budget deficit by not returning the 15,000 billion tomans demanded by the government from the mines

Chairman of the Mines and Mining Industries Commission of the Iran Chamber: Failure to receive the government's demands from the mining sector, which according to the prosecutor of the Court of Audit has reached 15,000 billion tomans, could exacerbate the government's budget deficit.

The housing construction loan was 450 million tomans

Member of the Board of Housing Bank: Construction facilities in Tehran and metropolitan areas increased to 450 million Tomans and in worn-out areas to 300 million Tomans.

The lifting of sanctions takes us back to the international community

Vice President of the Money and Capital Markets Commission of the Chamber of Commerce: Despite the sanctions, the country's non-oil exports will have limited customers because not all countries may be willing to work with us, and oil exports are difficult. In the case of imports, the required goods must be supplied from certain sellers. In general, bargaining power for sales and purchases decreases.

Lack of technology has led to the export of raw minerals

Chairman of the Specialized Association of Mines of Khorasan Razavi: In the case of some minerals, the lack of technology causes the mineral to be exported in raw form.

Violation of the rights of the government and the people by the non-transparent tonnage of the Dehshir mines

Director General of Highways and Road Transport of Yazd Province: Lack of transparency of cargo tonnage has caused the loss of legal rights of the government and the people of these mines, and we hope that the implementation of this plan will solve the problems raised in this meeting.

48% growth of government revenue from mines in Semnan province

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Semnan Province announced a 48% increase in the collection of government salaries for the province's mines in the past year.

Sending business advisers to 5 export target countries

Deputy Minister of Industry: At present, the affairs related to sending business advisers from China, Armenia, Oman, Azerbaijan and Russia are being done and the selected people will be sent to the relevant countries soon.

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