Iran's $ 160 million seven-month exports to Africa

Director General of the Arab and African Office of the Trade Development Organization of Iran: Carrying out pure exchanges between Iran and African countries, as well as cooperation in the form of extraterritorial cultivation and export of technical and engineering services are other areas of cooperation between Iran and the African continent.

List of new restrictions on exports to Iraq

A new letter from the Trade Development Organization to the head of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce indicates that new restrictions have been placed on the export of goods to Iraq.

Details of Iran's foreign trade with Africa were announced

Customs spokesman: Our country's foreign trade with Africa during the first 7 months of this year amounted to 959 thousand 848 tons.

Iran seeks to attract foreign capital after the Trump era

Next month, a conference will be held to attract European investors who want to benefit from Iranian markets if US sanctions are lifted again.

"Production growth" and "implementation of development plans" in Imidro despite the sanctions

Chairman of the Board of Imidro: The organization has taken a different approach to passive defense, despite the toughest US sanctions on the mining and mineral industries, along with production growth, has also advanced development plans.

Arrows of sanctions on the mining economy

With the change of the president and consequently some US policies, I hope that conditions will be created so that we can import quality drilling rigs and suitable equipment and supplies to the country and provide them to companies active in the mining sector.

Exhibition of the main driver of GDP

The mission of the media in the current situation to reflect as strongly as possible the achievements of exhibitions is much heavier than ever, and it should not be forgotten that the media has always been a powerful arm of exhibitions and in times of recession can help maintain and prosper the industry.

$ 12 billion in non-oil exports to 17 target countries

Director General of the Trade Development Organization of Iran: Total non-oil exports to 17 target countries in the first six months of this year amounted to more than $ 12 billion.

What has the government done to counter the US economic war?

Member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: There is no denying the impact of US sanctions on the country's economy, but the question is how much the government is with the people in this war and to what extent has it prevented domestic sanctions? The government is constantly hitting industry and production.

Twice the expansion of export cover umbrellas

Although the escalation of oppressive US sanctions has put pressure on the country's foreign trade and export figures have plummeted this year, export support institutions are working to mitigate the effects of the sanctions and design a mechanism to resist. Exports are against it.

Forecast Iran's annual foreign trade growth of nine percent over the next five years

Predicting the exit of the Iranian economy from the recession in 2021, the Fitch Research Institute wrote: The country's foreign trade will experience an annual growth of nine percent during the five-year period 2020-2024.

building industry; The economic driving force of countries

The construction industry is one of the largest economic sectors in the country. After oil, this industry is considered as one of the opportunities for economic growth and increase in GDP and job creation.

A look at Iran's exports in the 11th government

In its latest assessment, the Trade Development Organization has examined the situation of the country's exports and imports during the seven years of Rouhani's government.

Low quality services of export related devices

The Director General of the Arab-African Office announced the inconsistency between the relevant agencies in terms of exports and said: "The main problem of exports to neighboring countries is the low quality and inconsistency of export-related agencies."

Complaints of the private sector in the meeting with the representative of the leadership in the Assembly of Experts

In a meeting with the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Assembly of Experts, a group of producers and exporters expressed their problems and views on the country's economic situation and complained about the government's confusion and indecision in the economic sector.

Russian and Chinese banks refuse to provide services to Iranians

Chairman of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce: At present, we have practically no banking transactions with Russia and China, and if someone with an Iranian passport applies for banking services in these countries, it will be refused.

Urgent problem of Iran's economy

Supreme Leader: In the case of currency, the Central Bank is making a lot of efforts, which, God willing, will succeed. Of course, there are reliable reports that political and security reasons are more effective in increasing the price of currency than economic reasons.

Thirty-nine percent growth in Iran's weight exports to the UAE

Director General of the Arab and African Office of the Trade Development Organization of Iran: In terms of weight, Iran's exports to the UAE in the first quarter of this year compared to last year increased by thirty-nine percent to three thousand three hundred and seventy-seven thousand tons.

Bank of Industry and Mines and the completion of seventy semi-finished projects

Managing Director of Sanat va Ma'dan Bank: This year, the completion and operation of semi-finished projects, which have already been funded by this bank and are 80% complete, are on the agenda as one of the priorities, including 70 medium and large projects.

Manufacturers worry about central bank currency decisions

Although the central bank's foreign exchange decisions have regulated many of the processes in the foreign exchange market over the past year and a half, it has caused distrust to producers, importers and exporters.

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