Manufacturers worry about central bank currency decisions

Although the central bank's foreign exchange decisions have regulated many of the processes in the foreign exchange market over the past year and a half, it has caused distrust to producers, importers and exporters.

Closing 30% of second grade mines

Member of the Mining and Mining Industries Commission of Arak Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines: The price of spare parts for machines has increased by more than 300 percent, and even if it is possible to supply parts, the desired part will reach the customer one month after order It will shut down the mine.

Miners fear the government's theft of the mine budget

Chairman of the Mining Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: Lack of cost of resources resulting from government rights and ownership of mines has worried miners due to the heavy shadow of a sharp increase in the budget deficit.

Exports, backing production jumps

What are the important challenges of the country's exports and what are the prospects for the country's exports?

Small mines need investment

The head of the Mines and Mining Industries Commission of the Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes: "According to the production leap program in the form of equipping and modernizing mines, we need to invest two hundred and forty-seven billion tomans annually in small-scale mines."

Why Italian Banks Block Iranian Accounts?

Secretary-General of the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce: Although we were restricted by US sanctions, a number of Italian banks were working with our traders in a silent light, making the FATF issue extremely difficult so that the banks would also refrain from cooperating.

FATF sanctions have a direct impact on the economy of the sanctioned countries

As far as I know, some believe that the implementation of the FATF will not affect Iran's economic situation. I disagree with this reading. The organization's sanctions have a direct impact on the economy of the sanctioned countries. This can be seen in practice. The FATF calls on its members to respect the laws they have adopted to impose sanctions on member states.

Risk of sanctions for small mines

Lulea University Professor Sweden: Sanctions can have a paralyzing role in many areas, one of which is small mines. In fact, sanctions can lead to the closure of small mines. Today, the cost of a simple test, lab, or machine tool is so high for activists in the field that it doesn't actually cost the miner.

What is the top priority for exporters?

A former member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce believes that economic transparency and stability in the laws are the top priorities that exporters today need to enforce.

The probability of changes in the export duties of minerals

The Vice President's Legal Adviser to the Committee on Article Twelve of the Law on Permanent Orders of the country's Development Plans stated that there could be a review of export duties on some minerals.

$ 100 billion export potential

The head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, saying that neighboring countries import thousands of dollars worth of goods annually, said: "So we have the potential to export 100 billion dollars.

We had to pay more for non-oil products

One member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce argues that if the conditions for economic reform were to be improved in recent years, the impact of sanctions on Iran's economy would have been significantly reduced today.

The need to take the mining sector seriously in the economic war

A mining activist pointed to the need for serious attention to the country's mineral production chain, saying: "We are in an economic war and normal laws are not open and we must make effective and timely decisions for the mining sector in the light of general economic resistance policies. Be.

Isfahan owns ten percent of the country's stone market

Head of Isfahan Miners Association: Isfahan province holds 10 percent of the country's stone market, but there are many barriers to export in this area.

"Extreme bureaucracy" and "not accompanying banks", a barrier to "production boom"

Member of the Board of Directors of the House of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran: Although efforts have been made to promote prosperity, the lack of coordination between the agencies and the severe bureaucracy, the failure to enforce the laws, the failure of banks to justify their internal bylaws, and their own interpretations and interpretations of the norms. , Continues to deter production boom.

Establish a financial mechanism between Iran and Iraq

According to Iraqi officials, the financial mechanism allows Iraq to buy electricity and gas from Iran in exchange for paying the dinar. Iran can also use the proceeds of these transactions to buy goods.

Statement by a number of organizations on the day of industry and mining

A number of organizations in a statement at the National Day of Industry and Mining issued a statement in support of the government.

Do not delay production

Economic activists and members of houses of industry, mines and commerce across the country issued a statement on the occasion of the 16th National Festival of National Production - National Honor and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the Day of Resistance and Entrepreneurship.

Isaac Jahangiri: Exports should be revived in the country

First Vice President: Exports should be restored in the country. In our current situation, we need more currency than we used to export. That is why the US first went to the boycott of our oil and petrochemicals and metals, which, of course, would not work, but if they did, By exporting other products such as clothing and other accessories we supply.

The Twelfth Session of the Central Provincial Stone Policy Council

Head of Mining and Trade Organization of Markazi Province: The country's stone table has been transferred to Markazi Province. To make matters better for the country's stone table, we intend to set up specialized commissions for production, extraction, processing, marketing and sales, and in cooperation with all of the country's stone provinces, to maximize the country's stone export.

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