Brokers make the main profit and do not pay taxes

Managing Director of Stone Exhibition of Iran: In order to grow production and develop industry and create entrepreneurship, it is necessary to pay the highest taxes, not the producers.

The Iranian Stone Exhibition needs a bigger place

Representative of the People of Mahallat and Delijan in the Majlis: This exhibition has the potential to become the largest exhibition in the Middle East and even in the world and we will do our best to achieve this goal.

The Industry and Economy of the Country Eight years of sacred warfare sacrifices

Managing Director of Iran International Stone Exhibition: Today's Independence of Iran is due to the courageous efforts of men who stood against the enemy in all sacred defense.

Industrial fairs are essential

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Stone Exhibition: Resistance Economics is the maturation of a culture of partnership and reliance on internal capabilities in the light of the economy and the provision of export and import-based platforms.

Celebrating Martyrs' Families at Iran Stone Exhibition

Executive Director of the Eighth International Stone Exhibition of Iran: If the whole nation, especially the martyrs, the devotees and the sacrifices, were not there, today we would not be able to continue our cultural and industrial activities.

Report of the 7th Iranian Stone Exhibition

Executive Director of Iran's Seventh Stone Exhibition: The exhibition was attended by Jafar Sarkhini, Deputy Minister of Mines of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, a number of state and provincial officials, and attended by two hundred companies and fifty businessmen from different countries, in the industrial town of Neymar on November 19th. Opens in the central province.

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