The verdict of expropriation of Kurdistan Ghezel Ghiyeh mine was executed

The Chief Justice of Kurdistan Province announced the execution of the sentence of expropriation of the Ghezel Ghiyeh mine in the city of Srishabad, Kurdistan.

The problem of 2 large mining units in the south of Kerman province was solved

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of South Kerman announced that the problems of two large mining units in this region have been resolved in the Article 24 Commission in order to fulfill the slogan of the year.

Closure of production units; The red line of the judiciary

In a recent symposium between the head of the judiciary and professors, experts and managers of the banking network, a red line was drawn by Ayatollah Ra'isi on the closure of production units, which is a very promising step in the country that the judiciary draws such a red line.

Establishment of a foreign exchange action committee in order to solve the problems of exporters

Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Trade Development Organization of Iran: This committee will decide on special issues related to the fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations.

25 billion tomans of government salaries were collected from the mines of Tehran province

Deputy Minister of Mines of Tehran Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: More than 25 billion Tomans of government salaries were received from the mines of Tehran province last year and transferred to the treasury of the country.

Imidro's approach in the year "Production, Support, Barriers"

Deputy Minister of Mining Industry and Trade and Chairman of the Executive Board of Imidro: In the year of "production leap" we saw a significant increase in production of mining industries including aluminum, gold, concentrate and pellets of iron ore, sponge iron, steel ingots and copper cathodes of large companies. These products recorded between 5 and 60% growth.

2000 inactive units will be recovered

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Planning of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, while introducing some driving industries to focus more on them, promised that 2000 stagnant industrial units will return to the production cycle this year.

The new Czech law has been prepared with a production support approach

Spokesperson of the Economic Commission of the Parliament: The new Czech law has been developed in order to support the production and removal of barriers to the business environment, and will facilitate economic and commercial transactions in the process of its implementation.

24 Mahabad mines are inactive

Head of Industry, Mining and Trade Department of Mahabad city: 24 mines are inactive due to lack of sales market, decrease in construction and construction and increase in the cost price of extracted minerals.

The plans of the Ministry of Industry to support production were announced

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the most important programs of the ministry this year to the Deputy Minister of Commerce, deputies and heads of organizations, companies, funds and affiliated institutions.

Iran's exports to Africa fell by 14%

Director General of the Arab-African Office of the Trade Development Organization: The export of Iranian products to the African continent last year was about 2 million and 389 thousand tons, equivalent to 578 million dollars. This statistic shows a decrease of 14% in terms of value and 8% in terms of weight compared to 1398.

Increase the validity of checks with the implementation of the new law

Legal expert: Since the implementation of the new check law, returned checks have decreased significantly, which indicates that with the implementation of the law, the validity of checks in transactions between businesses has increased.

Government facilitating the relationship between the mine and the startups

The presence of knowledge-based companies in industry, including the mining industry, can save the country from the suffering of crude sales. Startups can have a strong presence in all sectors related to mining, including exploration, extraction, processing and mining industries, because for all these sectors there are academic disciplines in the country and there is a problem in universities to provide specialized personnel in various mining fields. We do not have.

Qazvin's mineral capacities determine the economic development of the region

Qazvin province has a variety of mineral capacities that will be considered in the year of production, support and dismantling will lead to economic development of the region.

Negotiation for the benefit of the economy should be the priority of the thirteenth government

The head of the Ahwaz Chamber of Commerce believes that the new government should use the art of negotiation for the benefit of the economy. He also describes the most important barriers to production and criticizes the performance of some executive bodies.

Significant ambiguity in the return of Iranian money from Iraq

A member of the board of representatives of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce says that until the government clearly determines how the money blocked in Iraq will return to the country, it is not possible to comment definitively on its positive effects.

Parliament's neglect of monitoring the proper implementation of production laws

Member of the Board of the House of Industry, Mines and Commerce of Iran: We have good laws in the field of production protection, but the oversight of the parliament on the proper implementation of laws is also very important, which can be said to have been largely neglected.

Facade screws and dowels and the necessity of facade stone strength

The presence of high-rise buildings increases the need to use facades with a high degree of security and reliability.

The reason for the delay in issuing business licenses

The Director General of the Office of Economic Affairs and Trade Policy of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade explained the reason for the time-consuming process of issuing industrial business licenses.

The interaction of the environment and the mine is the only solution

Protecting natural resources, as well as restoring the environment by repairing its damaged parts, is one of the important tasks of humanity as the heir to the earth. It is hoped that in the near future, with proper interaction between the mining sector and the environment, we will not only see a reduction in damage to nature, but also the restoration of damaged areas.

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