Activity of 107 mines in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

The head of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Mining Industry and Trade Organization announced the activity of 107 mines in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

The lifting of sanctions takes us back to the international community

Vice President of the Money and Capital Markets Commission of the Chamber of Commerce: Despite the sanctions, the country's non-oil exports will have limited customers because not all countries may be willing to work with us, and oil exports are difficult. In the case of imports, the required goods must be supplied from certain sellers. In general, bargaining power for sales and purchases decreases.

Announcing the readiness of Italian companies to be present in Iran

Chairman of the Iran-Italy Joint Chamber of Commerce: With the observation we made from the Italy-Iran Chamber in Rome, many Italian companies are preparing to re-enter Iran. We also advised the more than 5,000 members we have in the Iran-Italy Chamber to prepare themselves.

The extraction of marble from the Garmeh mine was postponed until the return of the Chinese

Deputy Minister of Industries and Mines of North Khorasan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Marble extraction from Garmeh mine was postponed due to the corona pandemic to the return of the Chinese.

The housing construction loan was 450 million tomans

Member of the Board of Housing Bank: Construction facilities in Tehran and metropolitan areas increased to 450 million Tomans and in worn-out areas to 300 million Tomans.

189% growth of approved foreign investment in industry, mining and trade

A review of official statistics shows the approval of 2 billion and 469 million dollars of foreign investment in the sectors of industry, mining and trade last year and its growth of 189 percent compared to 1398.

Limitations on doubling the capacity of the mining sector by 1408

Development investment and increase of capacities in the mining sector and mining industries show that the capacities created in this sector will be almost twice as much as the existing capacities in 1398, but the realization of this goal is faced with the problem of limited financial resources and high costs.

Why do some people leave the manufacturers behind?

Representative of the people of Malayer in the Islamic Consultative Assembly: Why should a producer who has invested his money to serve the people be harassed at any moment?

Creating more than 41,000 new jobs in industrial estates last year

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the creation of 41,501 new jobs in industrial estates across the country last year.

Declining exports, alarming mining sector

In the field of minerals, if our export process is based on the sale of raw materials, even in the case of a significant exchange rate, it seems appropriate to close the export route of minerals and mining activists to replace it with another way.

The country's foreign exchange reserves fell sharply

Chairman of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce: Both the impact of domestic and foreign policy on the economy should be minimized. We have to solve for ourselves once and for all that if the first priority of the country is the economy, all our behaviors should be in a way that improves the living conditions of the people and the economy.

A comprehensive program to remove barriers to production was prepared

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: A comprehensive plan has been prepared to remove production barriers and has been submitted to the President for approval earlier this week.

Laws, rents, banking and tax system, challenges of fulfilling the slogan of the year

Amending the laws, eliminating cumbersome regulations and rents, resolving currency problems, trying to invest, reforming the banking and tax system, and linking the domestic economy to the global economy are among the things that a number of Isfahan economists believe in fulfilling this year's slogan of "production." "Supports, obstacles" are essential.

Blocked Iranian money is released in Iraq

The secretary general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce says that despite the difficult conditions imposed by the Iraqi government on companies, Iranian currencies have been able to move in Iraq.

Reducing interventions is in the interest of the mining sector

It seems appropriate that in order to solve the problem in the first step, the parliament should control its interventions and reduce the creation of grammatical regulations as much as possible. It also allows private sector institutions related to the mining sector and the mining industry to make decisions about their problems.

Relying on oil revenues again would be a disaster

Chairman of the Non-Oil Export Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: If it relies on oil exports, non-oil exports will be neglected again. Exports have a forward trend that if this happens we will stop again and go back. This is a catastrophe that is happening.

Preparation of base server maps, systematic exploration of reserves in the Geological Survey

The head of the Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization of the country mentioned the preparation of basic server maps, systematic exploration of mineral reserves and systematic geological studies of engineering and hazards as new projects of this organization in the year of "production, support and disruption".

What did the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran do to boost production and exports?

Iran Export Guarantee Fund, as the only Export Credit Insurance Institution (ECA) in Iran, which is the counterpart of institutions such as Sache Italy, Hermes Germany and Sanasor China, plays an important role in the development of non-oil exports by issuing various types of insurance policies and credit guarantees.

Review of industry-related tariff lines

Explaining the most important strategies of the ministry in the new year, the Deputy Minister of Industry Affairs of the Ministry of Industry announced the review of more than 8,000 lines of customs tariffs this year with the aim of protecting domestic industries.

Investors are caught up in cumbersome laws

Representative of the people of Abhar, Khorramdareh and Soltanieh in the House of Nation: Unfortunately, inflation and cumbersome laws have made investors trapped in the provisions of the law and officials are unable to use the law properly to serve the country.

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