Dark and bright A century of work and employment in Iran

The narrative of a century of work and employment in Iran has dark and light points that ignoring its experiences will lead to the repetition of past mistakes.

Cooperation between Iran and China, an opportunity for the mining sector of Semnan province to flourish

Economic activists in Semnan province believe that the cooperation between Iran and China is a gateway to promote cooperation and development of the country.

The need to separate mining from industry and trade

Unfortunately, we are currently witnessing some inconsistencies in the three areas of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the Imidro Development Organization, and the Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization. These institutions, as the foundations of the country's mining sector, must be united with each other and prevent any dispersal in comments and decisions in the mining sector.

Remove golden signatures from business licenses

Member of the Industry Commission: In order to start a business, licensing devices must have a supervisory position and be careful that businesses meet the required standards, not draw lines from the very beginning and create a golden signature for themselves.

With the lifting of sanctions, a positive outlook will be presented to economic actors

Chairman of the Construction, Technical Services and Engineering Commission of the Iran Chamber: Until we know what our interaction with other countries is going to be, we can not expect a positive outlook in the business environment.

Industrial estates are a solution or a burden on manufacturers

Solving the infrastructure problems of industrial estates requires a serious attention. The development of these estates and solving their problems will definitely lead to the development of the country's industry and the growth of production.

Last year, 139 mining industrial units were revived in Fars

The Director General of the Investment Attraction and Support Office of Fars Governorate announced the return of 93 inactive and stagnant industrial units to the production cycle with 3 direct jobs and 4 mining units last year and stated: Last year, a total of 4 industrial and mining units with 3 job opportunities Was revived.

Investment in the mining sector of Bushehr province more than tripled

Head of Mines Affairs Department of Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Bushehr Province: The amount of investment in the mines of this province increased by 309% last year compared to the previous year.

The country's banking system is the enemy of production

A member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce stated that in order to develop trade, the country's economy must be reformed: to reform the economy, politics must be separated from the economy.

Managers and workers of Bafgh mines to fulfill the slogan of the year

Bafgh Friday Imam: If the manager understands his subordinate and works with love, many problems and obstacles of production will be eliminated and the slogan of the year "production, support, removal of barriers" will be well realized.

In times of economic downturn, the world has the best opportunity to invest in mines

Given the steady jump in mineral raw material prices and increasing operational challenges over the past decade, we must strive to create value and secure competitive advantage for the future of the mining industry through strategic focus and operational excellence in the mining business and high levels of capital.

Last year, the record of Iran Export Guarantee Fund was broken

The Export Guarantee Fund of Iran broke the record of commercial and political coverage in the country in spite of last year's slogan and in order to jump in production and export development last year, despite economic pressures and oppressive sanctions.

Corona and sanctions did not stop the jump in industrial and mineral production

Analysis of official statistics published by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade shows the growth of production of 25 selected industrial and mining products this year from 36 main and major products studied and achieving the goal of "production leap" which is very valuable in difficult coronation conditions and continued sanctions. will be evaluated.

Proposed clauses to disrupt and support production in the industrial sector were reviewed

In a meeting attended by the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, the proposals of the Deputy Minister of Industry of the Ministry of Industry in the field of prevention and support of production in the industrial sector were reviewed.

Minister of Industry emphasizes special support for export-oriented production

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, in a group meeting with members of the Detergents, Cosmetics Association, emphasized the special support for export-oriented production.

60% increase in mining operations and 250% growth in sales

The CEO of Mahan Sirjan Industries and Mines Processing Development Company announced a 60% increase in mining operations in Mine 5 last year compared to 1398.

Why did the Iranian economy stay out of Turkey?

The head of the Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce says that a look at the activities of the Turkish government over the past 18 years shows a significant progress in the development of infrastructure.

No government made fundamental reforms in the economy

Deputy Chairman of the Money and Capital Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce: If the performance was good, the situation in the country would not reach this point, the economy and pricing already exist and it is not for this government, in fact the result is the same and no major reforms in the economy They did not. Each state may perform better than other states in some respects, but each state must be evaluated according to its own circumstances.

The Minister of Industry announced the most important plans of the ministry this year

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the most important programs of the ministry this year to the Deputy Minister of Commerce, deputies and heads of organizations, companies, funds and affiliated institutions.

Iran is one of the five countries that has not yet resolved the issue of inflation

Why haven't we solved the problem of inflation after 40 years? In response to this important question, university professor Vahid Shaghaghi says significant things about the roots of inflation and its margins. What group are inflation businessmen?

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